The best things to do in Curacao

Bon Bini or welcome to Curacao, where colorful towns, stunning beaches, dramatic coastlines, rich culture, and charming locals all come together. This beautiful diversity ensures you are never short of things to do in Curacao.

Fun Day at the Sea Aquarium

Visit Curacao’s sea aquarium, one of the most unique aquariums in the world, where instead of large tanks of sea-water, the aquarium has real sea-water pools fed by the sea.

The sea aquarium is located on the waterfront in the west coast of Willemstad and has plenty to see, do, and learn. There are large pools with a variety of marine life found in Curacao’s water and interesting shows, such as dolphin, sea lion, and shark shows held daily. It’s an especially fun place for the kids to learn and interact with marine life.

Go, learn, touch, play, or feed marine life such as sea lions, nurse and lemon sharks, stingrays, and dolphins. You can also spend some time hanging out with the sea urchins, stars, and cucumbers at the touch tanks.

Afterward, you can have lunch at the restaurant on the premises or head over to the sea aquarium beach for a sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling session. The aquarium charges $21 per adult and $11 per child ages 5-12 years old. It’s open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you want to get there early. You can spend roughly 2-3 hours in this park.

Day Trip to Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is a flat, small, 1-square mile island southeast of Curacao. The name Klein means little, hence the island’s name ‘little Curacao’. The uninhabited island features an old lighthouse, a shipwreck, a beach house with thatched palapas, and miles of soft white sandy beaches.

This is the place to go to for incredible snorkeling and beach bumming. Take a tour of the lighthouse and the rustic shipwreck which makes for great views and interesting attraction respectively.

If you are looking for some peace and quiet, this is where you want to go. The beach has a restaurant that serves great BBQ and cool refreshing drinks, and has clean washrooms.

Hiking at Christoffel National Park

Christoffel Park, found at the base of Mt. Christoffel on the northwestern end of the island, is the sight of exotic flora, fauna, history, mysteries, and beauty. The park is covered by a dense scrubland with exotic plants such as divi-divi trees, cacti rising over 10 feet tall, and fragrant wild orchids.

It’s also the site of the rare white-tailed deer (there are about 250 remaining in the park) and an interesting species of owl, the palabrua, a native type of barn owl. The park has three old plantations, one hosting the Savonet museum mentioned before.

Get your heart pumping in an adrenaline-filled, adventurous day at this park. There are plenty of ways to experience Christoffel. You can go on a hike, take a dirt road ATV adventure, or take a nature safari.

Enjoy the hike up to Curacao’s highest point some 372 meters (1,200 feet) above sea level and enjoy panoramic views of the island. This is best done in the morning to take advantage of cooler temperatures and to ensure plenty of time to rest and hike leisurely. The mountain hike closes at 10 AM The park charges about 25 florins per person to access the park.

See the Hato Caves

Another interesting thing to do in Curacao is to see the Hato Caves. Step 1,500 years back in time as you explore petroglyph-filled walls that detail the life of the original inhabitants of Curacao, the Arawak.

Go up a steep staircase exploring an elaborate system of caves layered in terraces. Hato caves, which are the largest and most beautiful of the caves, are found on the third terrace.

Enjoy a guided tour that details the incredible history of the place touching on the refuge and escape routes. The caves are located in the rugged northern coast of the island. Exploring them can be done in under two hours so it’s easy to combine with another activity in the north.

Ride an Ostrich

Enjoy an African paradise in the middle of Curacao at the Ostrich Farm. Set in the wild north, the ostrich farm is set up to mimic ostrich farms of South Africa. This is a fun place to go as a family.

You get to learn all about the birds, feed them, and pet them, or even ride one if you are daring enough. Seeing the cycle of life of the ostrich from hatching to adulthood is one of the most interesting tours on the farm. The African theme in the place transcends to the Zambezi restaurant which serves incredible cuisine, including ostrich steak and ostrich egg omelettes.

Visit Shete Boka

Adjoined to Christoffel National Park is Shete Boka Park, a rugged north coast stretch with dramatic headlands jutting out into the sea forming nice little coves. Shete Boka, meaning seven inlets, is a natural wonder that has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Curacao.

The park starts at the beautiful inlet of Boka Tabla, which has a nice underground cavern where you can enjoy the sights of the waves rolling in. Or head to Boka Kalki where green turtles can be seen laying their eggs.

Encounter the sheer raw power of the sea against the formidable rock formation at Boka Pistol, where salt spray fills the air as the waves break with a loud bang against the rocks.

Explore rolling lava hills, limestone bluffs, and a natural bridge at Boka Wandomi on a path along the rugged coastline that will bring you back to Boka Tabla.

World Class Diving

Curacao’s perfect diving conditions make it a world-class diving destination. The island is favored with good weather, warm waters, healthy coral reefs, and great visibility, making it a great dive destination for beginners and experienced divers alike.

There are over 40 dive sites in Curacao that cater to all diving skill levels. Some popular ones include Mushroom forest, Superior Producer, Alice in Wonderland, and Beacon point. Go dive with a team of highly skilled dive instructors and see a world of colorful healthy reefs teeming with a variety of fish and sea life.

Snorkel at Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun is a nice small, protected cove on the northwestern end of the island found in the sleepy fishing village of Lagoon.

The small calm bay is protected on either side by huge cliffs which adds to the charm of the place. The calm shallow to deep waters of the place are, however, what attract people here.

Playa Lagun is the best spot for snorkeling right from the beach. There are plenty of fish to see here, especially along the rugged cliffs. Some green sea turtles can also be spotted in the middle part of the sloping sea bed.

Visit and spend time in this beautiful and enchanting place. You can get here by rental car or bus. There is plenty of parking and amenities for a smooth day at the beach.

Ultimate Beach Day at Playa Cas Abao

Playa Cas Abao is probably the most pristine beach is all of Curacao. If you are looking for a remote uncrowded beach, head to the northwestern side of the island, some 20 miles away from Willemstad, and enjoy a day on this beautiful beach.

This beach has a soft white sandy beach with rather inviting sparkling clear turquoise waters. You can swim, snorkel, kayak, or go on a banana boat ride. It’s a nice beach getaway, with plenty of parking for your rented car which is the most affordable and common way to get to the beach.

There are hotels on the beach to grab a bite at, but for the best drinks head over to the daiquiri beach bar, known for making mean daiquiris. Enjoy one under the thatched palapas found at the beach for shade, or get a relaxing massage.

There is an entrance fee to access the beach, that starts from $6 per every four people in a vehicle.

Cliff Jumping at Playa Kenepa

Playa Kenepa is a tranquil quiet cove on the northwestern coast of the island that is the perfect beach getaway. Playa Kenepa has two beaches: the Grote Knip (bigger beach) and Klein Knip (smaller beach).

Here is where you go for that ideal beach. The smaller of the two beaches is great for snorkeling while the other is idyllic for swimming, tanning, and water sports. Enjoy the crystal clear waters on a transparent kayak, or glide gently over the calm waters of the playa. The clarity and turquoise color of the water is so mesmerizing you may not want to leave.

Midway past the two beaches are rocky cliffs where you can go cliff jumping, an exhilarating moment that you should try at least once or maybe twice. If you’re not as daring, you can relax under the shade of a palapa with a refreshing cool cocktail in hand.

The beach is free and has all the amenities you need at fair prices.

Curacao Weather

Curacao experiences tropical weather which means it’s sunny year round. The best time to visit Curacao is from February to May when it’s neither raining nor extremely hot. The off-peak season runs from May to November and is great if you are visiting on a budget, but it’s also the hottest season with a slight very rare chance of hurricane storms. If a cruise is threatened with a hurricane, however, the ships are often diverted and you may miss your chance to explore this amazing port of call.